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Rural broadband keeps small communities connected
Broadband is a critical piece of 21st century infrastructure
Rural providers help you get information at the speed you deserve.
We are proud to go the distance for our customers in rural America.
we are proud to be a part of a team of infrastructure innovators across the nation.
Rural broadband helps keep small communities connected.
100% of NTCA members offer #broadband services as we continue to pave future innovation in rural America
More than $100 billion in e-commerce was supported by #rural broadband in 2015
Learn why we advocate for #broadband service in rural communities
Small, rural broadband providers helped create nearly 70,000 jobs
America depends on hometown broadband providers to advance opportunity for rural communities.
We are proud to serve our rural customers
Small Rural broadband providers serve 37% of the nation's landmass
Over $100 Billion in E-Commerce was supported by small rural broadband providers in 2015
$24.1 Billion Contributed to the U.S. Economy in 2015